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Prison Ministry—Good & Evil Books


With about 2.3 million people incarcerated, the United States has the highest prison population in the world. Many inmates live in frustration, anger, and loneliness because of sin in their hearts that has not been repented of. However, their time in prison usually makes them more willing to think seriously about God and their need for Him. Mr. Hernandez wrote, “May God bless you and your families and all those around you for sending me the book Good and Evil. With the aid of this book, bit by bit, I am giving my life to God and His Son Jesus Christ. I thank God that there are people like you that help us try to make a change in our lives. I hope that you always help those who truly want to make a change and follow the steps of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Mrs. Barnes from Chowchilla wrote, "I don't have a cent to my name but possess the will to know the Lord. I pray that it isn't too much to ask for one of the Good & Evil Books. It would be such a blessing to own one of these books so that I can be prepared for the days to come."

We started in July of 2010 sending the illustrated adult-level Bible picture book called, “Good & Evil” to inmates in prison. We buy these books from the publisher at their cost, for prison distribution only. We continue to get lots of letters daily requesting a copy of this book.

As the prison population increases, opportunities to share the Gospel also increase. In a time where there are so many temptations and evil influences in prison, these Good & Evil books are especially helpful to inmates who are searching for God and trying to live a godly life.

For a complete history, we have sent out over 50,000 Good & Evil Books. Incredibly, the demand for these books is still going strong. The daily requests are now at 30 per day on average! We expect to receive about 10,000 requests from inmates for a Good & Evil book in 2014. At this level of demand it will require over $70,000 to meet all these requests. With over 300,000 inmates in CA alone, we are barely scratching the surface, but what an awesome privilege & blessing to help send the living message of truth to unsaved men and women who are incarcerated here in CA. We need your continued prayers, increasing funds, and willing hands to get these books processed and ready to mail. Thank-you to all of you who read letters, typed names & addresses into our computer program, & packaged the books for mailing.

Prison Ministry—Inmate Correspondence


Approximately 90% of all inmates will at some point be released. Currently 2/3 of these inmates once released will find themselves back in prison at some point. Research has shown that correspondence with inmates from caring individuals outside of prison has many positive results. One is that these inmates rarely commit a crime after they are released. Another is that they tend to be connected more with the real world when they are released thus leading to greater interaction with individuals. Another is that it is an incredible way to disciple these inmates in biblical truths and principles found in the word of God. Rod Flory, Lowell Beachler and a few others have corresponded with inmates who ask for correspondence. This continues to be an exciting opportunity for us. The CA State Prison & many other secular organizations love for us to correspond with those incarcerated for a lot of secular benefits. While we are encouraged by the support from these secular organizations for these secular benefits, The main purpose we correspond is for the spiritual benefits of discipling & encouraging these inmates in the word of God.
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